VER 1.0 / Stand

$ 130.00



Design by Eli Alexander


The bold confident form of the Version 1.0 is enhanced by a stylish and contemporary color pallet. Thanks to the spun aluminum design it is the lightest full size planter on the market, weighing just 5 lbs. (unplanted).

Inside or out, on the floor or atop one of the custom stands, the Ver. 1.0 is the very definition of cool California living.


Offered in two colors:

Black, White, Walnut or White Oak



The VER 1.0 comes in two styles. Both are 10 inches tall and 16 inches wide. Stands are also available in black or white in two different heights. The short stand elevates the planters to 15 inches and the tall stand elevates them to 20 and one-half inches high.



Powder coated, anodized aluminum, Walnut or White Oak woods



Ver 1.0 Half with Low Stand





Ver 1.0 Half with High Stand